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Under the Railroad
Exhibition Pavilion

Softgrid’s entry for the anonymous.a(rchitect) 02 competitionWading Through Light
The intervention is designed as a soft space for new media exhibitions, where advances in projection technology have been utilised in combination with overlapping translucent curtains as screens for a layered and immersive illuminated environment. Advanced parametric computational geometries have been used to create a layout that controls several rotational projection points and their overlapping influences on the position and angle of each of the of hundreds of hung curtains, to create a complex geometric relationship, that will provide smooth and transient experiences between the various focal points.The Viewer Effects the Viewed
The malady of much art today remains the separation of spectator from artwork, forcing both into passive relationships with each other. We propose a new space for art that challenges both the viewer and the art to exist interactively in the same space together, unavoidably influencing each other in terms of movement and perception. The public will have to wade through the curtained projection spaces, thus changing them, affecting them and becoming a part of them, while the art displayed and projected here can and should in itself become reactive to the possibilities of this unique space.Build-ability/Materials & Sustainability
The lightweight structure and technology of concert stages has been utilised in order to allow easy decommissioning, reinstallation and reconfiguration, while creating a unique spatial experience with the use of easily available and renewable materials.

Being Under the Railway
The tectonics and materiality have been carefully designed to intensify the industrial and repetitive nature of the spatial quality of being under the railway, while also introducing a more ephemeral quality of experience the through re-interpretation, tactility, density and illumination.


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