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Exhibition Pavilion
Posted by Eric on 17th July, 2012

Softgrid’s entry for the anonymous.a(rchitect) 02 competitionWading Through Light The intervention is designed as a soft space for new media exhibitions, where advances in projection … Read more


New Taipei City Museum of Art Competition
Posted by Eric on 3rd May, 2012

     Softgrid’s entry for the New Taipei City Museum of Art Competition WHAT IS ART today? An attempt to perfectly define a rapidly changing … Read more


Posted by Eric on 4th November, 2010

In a climate of increasing environmental and social awareness, in a world where recognition of limited resources and unnecessary displays of political power and wealth … Read more

Posted by Ulysses on 17th October, 2010

A preliminary image of the interior proposed for the new Benetton shop in Tehran. we enjoyed the literal, obvious and yet playful games that could be … Read more